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Volvo V40 Leaked!

Photos of the new (we are guessing 2013) Volvo V40 hatch have been leaked on the World Wide Web. The relatively affordable V40 wagon was sacked in 2004 along with the arrival of the gen two S40 and the replacement V50. However, given the leaked photos we have here, this new V40 is possibly better suited to replace the C30 as it is getting old to the point where a refresh won’t cut it anymore (much like the XC90).

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Ford and Geely finally reach agreement for Volvo sale

Ford's PAG (Premier Auto Group) was a shell of it's former self, having lost companions Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Land Rover in previous deals over the past few years. Volvo was the only nameplate left, bravely carrying on the name of PAG until this past weekend, when everything changed, and Volvo went to China.

Over the weekend, Ford Motor Company reached a definitive agreement with Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company Limited for the sale of Volvo Car Corporation. That's a lot of big corporate names, and now that we've got those out of the way, let's take a look at what transpired in this final purging of Ford's Premier Auto Group.

Hit the jump for all the dirty details.

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Volvo releases images of the upcoming S60. And it's kinda sexy! 

Volvos have been known for many things. Safety. Reliability. Durability. Safety. Tweed jackets with elbow patches. Safety. Seat belts. Air bags. Safety. Boxy styling. Safety.

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Fantasy merger: Volvo and Subaru

Ford clearly wants to sell Volvo to the right buyer at the right price. Given that they are considering Chinese conglomerates the right buyer, it seems like Ford is looking for anyone who will pay the $2.4B value of Volvo.

Whoever buys Volvo is going to want to get their money’s worth. Someone who is known for somewhat quirky designs, a company known for their AWD and a company that places importance on safety is the ideal buyer for Volvo. And in my opinion, that company is no other, than Subaru.

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Immaculate yellow Volvo 850 T5R found for sale on Ebay

One of the major appeals of high performance Volvos is the sleeper factor. In 1995 one of the first hot Volvos debuted in the form of the 850 T5R. A limited production model with a 240hp engine and alcantara these cars are not however sleepers, as they came from the factory in a shade of yellow known as banana cream.

Nevertheless they do have their fans. According to Wikipedia only 2500 were made in this colour which was not available on any other performance Volvos. As such these cars do sell for a premium on the rare occasion when they come up for sale.

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Volvo C70 to get refresh for 2011 model year

The Volvo C70, one of only three convertibles to be recommended by the IIHS, is getting a new look. The current generation has been on sale since the 2006 model year, so it makes sense that the 2011 model year of the convertible will be unveiled at this month’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

The 2011 car will go on sale to Canadian shoppers in the first half of 2010 and takes many styling cues previously seen in the new XC60 CUV and in the 2010 S60 concept.

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Volvo V70 R AWD from 1998 is all things to all enthusiats

Today is July 1st and therefore it is my birthday. I am 22 today, and that means that I have three more years of insanely high insurance prices doing things to me that are nsfw because I am a male driver in Ontario who is not yet 25. While I do very much love my Mazda Protege5, I sometimes desire something more potent or exciting.

Something like what Peter, my boss and the site’s founder drives. A Subaru WRX STI. If I owned a car like this however, I would likely have to pay twice its value every year to the insurance company.

I do however know of a certain car that is turbocharged and equipped with AWD like a WRX STI, that would likely be much cheaper to insure. While Canadians had to wait until 2000 to buy the Subaru WRX, in all of its turbocharged, AWD glory, Volvo was capitalizing on this market two years earlier in 1998 with its V70 R AWD. While the mainstream public bought the V70 in droves some lucky enthusiasts got their hands on some R models which occasionally come up for sale, such as this one in Toronto.

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Parts sharing done right: Ford Taurus gains massaging seats first seen on Volvo S80

Ford’s subsidiary Volvo, has a history of making car seats that are as close to ergonomically perfect as possible in a car. So their seats, or some of their technological advances, seem like the ideal thing to pull out a corporate parts bin and spread across the top trims and models of a manufacturer’s product lines.

One advantage for large manufacturers with a multitude of brands and models is the ability to share parts from their giant parts bin. This can be good or bad for the consumer depending on the quality of the part and the appropriateness of its new use.

Details and press release after the jump.

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Ford mulls sale of Volvo to raise cash

Ford Motor Co. is considering selling Volvo Car Corp. as the struggling U.S. automaker seeks to raise cash and weather a global automotive sales crisis.

Ford announced that it expects its strategic review of the Swedish luxury automaker will take several months. The move is one of several actions Ford is taking to strengthen its balance sheet.

Spinning off Volvo into a separate entity may be a possibility, as both companies have already taken steps to allow Volvo to operate on a more stand-alone basis. That effort began in 2007, after a previous strategic review of Volvo.

The Swedish government has said it has been in talks with Volvo and with General Motors Corp.'s Saab unit following reports that the U.S. parent companies were seeking aid for their Swedish car makers.

[Source: The Toronto Star]


Volvo to slash more than 3,000 jobs

VolvoLogored.jpgFord-owned carmaker Volvo Cars announced today that it will slash more than 13 percent of its work force because of falling global demand.

Citing a "rapidly deteriorating market situation in the global car industry," the Goteborg-based company said it would cut about 3,300 jobs, of which 2,000 would be blue-collar and 700 of them white-collar positions in Sweden.

Another 600 jobs would be eliminated abroad and some 700 contracts with consultants would be terminated. Including staff reductions already announced in June, Volvo Cars said total layoff numbers now come to around 6,000 people worldwide, of which about 1,200 are consultants.