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Canadian Car of the Year announced

In an early morning press conference at the opening of the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, the Hyundai Elantra was declared the 2012 Canadian Car of the Year (CCOTY) by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC).

The Elantra was up against the Hyundai Accent and the Kia Optima. All three were among many vehicles put through a series of tests by 70 Canadian automotive journalists in the last week of October, 2011.

The win comes just over a month after the car was named the 2012 North American car of the year during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, where it edged out the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Passat.

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Hyundai Canada's National Test Drive Event in high gear

Hyundai Canada is hitting the road with a National Test Drive Event. The event, which stops in 7 different cities across Canada, started in late August in Vancouver and is slowly making its away eastward.

As part of Hyundai's National Test Drive Event, participants will have an opportunity to drive the new Veloster, the Sonata Hybrid and much more.

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Honda Canada gearing up new ad campagin to retain Civic's top spot

The battle for the title of best-selling passenger car in Canada is the fiercest it has been in more than a decade as Honda Canada is revving up to fight off the Hyundai Elantra, which is clawing at the heels of the Civic.

As of the end of August, year-to-date sales of Elantras were trailing Civics by just 110 cars. As a result, Honda Canada is unleashing an expensive marketing campaign to launch the newest generation of its most important car.

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Hyundai Canada amps up incentives on Genesis Sedan

It's that time of year when automakers are starting to clear off dealer lots for the impending wave of new models. That means plenty of deals!!

Hyundai Canada is looking to pique interest in the 2011 Genesis Sedan by throwing in the $4,000 Premium Package at no additional cost, on leases and purchases before August 31st.

In addition, if you simply go on a test drive of a Genesis, Hyundai Canada will give you a $25 iTunes gift card.

So what does the Genesis' $4,000 Premium Package include?

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Hyundai Genesis R spec priced at $53,499 in Canada

The 2012 Genesis R-spec is on the way and priced at $53,499 in Canada. What's the R-Spec you ask? Well this range-topping Genesis is powered by a 5.0L, direct-injected V8 pumping out 429hp and 376 lb-ft of torque. That's a gain of 44 horsepower and 43 lb/ft of torque over the 2011 Genesis with its 4.6L V8.

V6 models also enjoy a power increase...and a slight price increase too.

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Hyundai Canada enjoys 29th month of consecutive sales increases

29. It's a great number. This year it happens to be my favourite number. And this month it's likely Hyundai Canada's too as it represents the number of months sales have risen, year-over-year.

Most models were up but there we a couple that were down, including the Accent (down 26.4%) and the Genesis Coupe (down 0.5%).

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Hyundai Canada releases 2012 Accent pricing

Hyundai Canada has notably reduced the MRSP on the all new 2012 Hyundai Accent, a trend which seems to be emerging throughout the auto industry.

If you're thinking the Accent will come equipped with less features now that pricing is less, you're wrong. Hyundai Canada has beefed up its featured content and fuel efficiency, making the vehicle not only affordable to buy but also affordable to run.

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Hyundai Canada launches Certified Pre-owned Program 

Late last month, Hyundai Canada launched a brand new Certified Pre-Owned program. Each vehicle under the new program will include a CarProof vehicle history report as well pass a stringent inspection to meet Hyundai certification.

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Hyundai Canada breaks all-time sales record by selling over 14,000 units

Hyundai Canada has announced that it has broken its all-time one-month sales record by selling 14,267 units in April for a gain of 14.2% over the same period last year.

April was characterized by sales records for three of Hyundai's most popular models. The Hyundai Sonata had the best month in its history with sales of 2,362 units in April. The Elantra broke the monthly record it set this past February and the Elantra Touring had sales of 1,434 units in April. When looking from a year-over-year perspective, April sales of Sonata, Elantra and Elantra Touring grew by 70.4%, 13.0% and 40.5%, repectively.

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What automaker sold the most cars in Canada in Q1?

Forget trucks for a minute and the fact that last month they accounted for 55% of new vehicle sales in Canada. Let's talk about cars. Which automaker sold more cars in Canada than any other in the first quarter of the year?

For the first time ever Hyundai Canada sold more cars in a single quarter than any other automaker in the country, besting both GM and Toyota.

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