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Fiat 500 ripping up the sales charts in Canada; Not so much in the U.S.

Last week Chrysler Group LLC announced that the Fiat 500 likely won't hit their 50,000 unit sales target for the United States. So it got me thinking, how's the 500 doing in our country?

Not bad. Not bad at all. In fact so far this year 3,064 500s have been sold in Canada, compared to 7,982 in the U.S. For a market that's about 10% the size of the U.S. it's clear that Canadian's have fallen for this Italian sweetheart.

So how is the Fiat 500 stacking up against the MINI Cooper, it's cloest competitor, at least conceptually?

Find out after the jump.

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What's the Fiat 500 like to own? We speak with one of the first Canadians to get one

The Fiat 500 may go down as the most anticipated new car of 2011. But does the star that shines twice as bright last half as long? Let's find out.

Reno Foti of Toronto, ON is one of the very first people to take delivery of a Fiat 500. In fact, according to Downsview Chrysler Reno is the first owner of a Fiat 500 Prima Edizione in North America. Pretty cool stuff.

Reno picked up the car on Monday and we had to ask. Does it live up to the hype? Is there anything not to like?

More after the jump.

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Prima Edizione Fiat 500's Special Edition sells out in 12 hours

If you were trying to get your hands on the Prima Edizione Fiat 500, you're out of luck. As we posted earlier this week (link) these limited edition 500's became available to the public at 12:01am yesterday and were completely sold out in 12 hours.

More information after the jump.

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$500 deposit puts you in line for limited edition Fiat 500

If you've been longing for a Fiat 500 the wait is almost over. On November 23rd at 12:01am Chrysler Canada will unveil an online program for Canadians to reserve a Fiat 500 Prima Edizione model.

500 Fiat 500 Prima Edizione's will be available in Canada. To make one your own all you need to do is sign-up online and put down a $500 deposit.

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Chrysler shows a small and spunky vision of the future at the CIAS

The Canadian International Auto Show opens officially to the public today and the Chrysler Group will be showing something that we’ll be able to see (and that Chrysler hopes many of us will buy) in showrooms within a year’s time. That car is the Fiat 500.

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Chrysler Canada to start selling Fiat 500 in 2011

Chrysler Canada Inc. will begin selling the extremely well-received Fiat 500 in 2011.

Although Chrysler Canada has not commented publicly on which specific Fiat models they plan on selling in Canada, dealers have been told to expect the 500 by January 2011.

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