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Auto Industry News - Canada


June Auto Sales: Winners and Losers

toyota_logo.jpgToyota Canada was the big winner in June posting its best ever sales in the first half of the year. Toyota Canada sales have jumped 13 per cent to 99,690 vehicles from January-June. Sales for June were up 10.4 per cent at 18,522 vehicles.

General Motors reported a 4.6% gain from June 2005, delivering 45,307 vehicles. GM truck sales fell 5.4% to 20,872 but passenger cars sales were up 15% to 24,435, due mostly to strong sales of the Impala.

DaimlerChrysler sales were down 34.7 per cent compared to last year with 17,755 vehicles delivered. Honda Canada (including Acura) increased their sales by 9 per cent to 14,562 vehicles.


Recall: 191 Chevrolet Impala Models

chevrolet_impala.jpgAccording to, Transport Canada has issued a recall of 191 2006 Chevrolet Impala models. In certain vehicles, the weld that attaches the passenger seat adjuster to the left floor mounting bracket may be dislocated. The seat adjuster may separate from the mounting bracket in a severe crash. Dealers will be contacting those who purchased the vehicles involved in the recall.


DaimlerChrysler Canada Introduces Employee Discount Pricing

chrysler logo.gifDaimlerChrysler Canada is the first of the domestic auto manufacturers to introduce costly summer discounts on 2006 models to make way for 2007 models. Under the new campaign, "The Hottest Deals Under the Sun - Get an Employee Price Discount", customers will receive an employee price discount and up to $6,000 in delivery allowance. In addition DaimlerChrysler will also be offering zero percent financing up to 36 months and a 30-day return policy. The program includes all 2006 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles with the exception of the Dodge Viper SRT10 and the Dodge Sprinter. The new program runs until July 31st, 2006. Will GM and Ford follow suit? Only time will tell.

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