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Auto Industry News - Canada


Product Review: Garant's SnoFlex and Traction Aid

When winter rolls around many Canadians throw a scraper and a jug of washer fluid in the car and that's it. Okay, some also put in a blanket. Garant, a leading Canadian supplier of outdoor tools, wants to change that with a couple of innovative accessories that will take the stress out of winter driving.

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What are the best new cars for 2012?

2012 promises to be an amazing year for automobiles. New models from Ford, GM, Mitsubishi and BMW will leave drivers spoilt for choice. Environmentally conscious? How about Mitsubishi's electric i-MiEV? Want to go around with a big grin on your face? Ford's new Mustang and Aston Martin's Virage will do that. Looking to replace your tired SUV? Try Chevrolet's Orlando and Mercedes Benz's M-Class. There's something for everyone.

Here, we'll look at 9 exciting cars coming to Canada this year. Which means...there's room for one more on this list. What would you put on it?

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2012 BMW 3-Series to start at $35,900 in Canada

The fully redesigned BMW 3-Series will start at $35,900 in Canada. That gets you into a 320i, which shares the same (albeit detuned) 4-cylinder engine as the new BMW 328i.

The current 323i starts at $34,900, but BMW is including a lot more standard equipment for the extra $1000. Power output for the 320i is 181hp (down 19hp from current) but torque is up slightly at 184 lb/ft. The best part is that fuel efficiency increases by nearly 30% and BMW claims the new 320i offers similar performance as the current generation 328i.

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What was the least popular vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show last weekend?

On Sunday, the North American International Auto Show attracted 102,918 visitors. Just about every vehicle on display had people itching to touch and feel it, or at least snap a picture. But just like high school kids, some are simply more popular than others.

I was one of the 102,918 that visited the show on Sunday and while the crowds rushed to get a glimpse of the latest and greatest cars and trucks I was on the prowl to find what people weren't looking for. And then I came across the Kia Sedona.

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Road Test: 2012 Mustang GT

In the world of cheap speed, not many have been doing it as long as the original pony car. The Ford Mustang is one of the greats in American history alongside its fellow Detroit muscle Camaro, Corvette, Charger, Challenger, and many more. How has Ford been keeping the Mustang fresh for nearly 50 years? We slipped behind the wheel to find out.

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Mini recalls various S and JCW models for fire risk 

Mini is recalling all Mini models with the 1.6 Turbo engine (2007-2011 MYs) for a risk of sudden fire. They say that a water pump cooler controller for the turbocharger could malfunction and allow fire to suddenly burst in the engine bay without warning.

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What vehicle in Canada has the best price to power ratio?

A commonly asked question from new car/truck buyers is “how much horsepower does it have?” Sure, you may feel torque but horsepower is what most people buy. And like all good things in life, more is better.

A few years ago we posted that the vehicle with the best price-to-power ratio in Canada was the 240hp Pontiac Montana SV6. That was back in 2009 and a lot has happened since.

So what 2012 vehicle offers the most horsepower for your buck?

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So Long and Farewell, Saab 

It’s official. Saab filed for bankruptcy liquidation meaning that there is no more Saab. There will be no more Saabs, and Saab dealers will close up shop. It is a sad time for the automotive industry. In the span of a few years we have seen birth and death on our side of the pond. Fiat bought out some Chrysler and thus we now get the nimble and tomato-sauce-hearted 500. GM is to blame for the death this time around. Pontiac and now Saab have been axed due to the General (the former more directly than the later), and now gearheads worldwide remorse.

So the story is over, but you have a 2010 MY or later Saab. What does this mean pour vous?

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What will the Tesla Model S mean for us Canadians? 

The Tesla Model S, Tesla Motors’ new all-electric sedan, will be launching in the coming months in the US. Canadian sales are set to begin 3 months after the US release. With the arguable success of the Tesla Roadster, just how well will the Model S do here in Canada? For Tesla’s sake, very well it seems. The Model S is a 7-passenger (5 adults and 2 children), 4-door, rear-wheel-drive, electric sedan that is set to compete with such luxo sedans as the BMW 5-Series, Audi A6, and more specifically, hybrids such as the Lexus GS 460h.

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Canadian debut of the Subaru BRZ takes place in Montreal

The Montreal International Auto Show may be the first Canadian auto show of the year but it falls under the large and unyielding shadow of Detroit. That said, as the first Canadian show of the season it’s usually packed with Canadian premieres. Subaru Canada took advantage of the show by unveiling the BRZ to Canadian auto enthusiasts. So what did we learn?

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