Volvo V40 Leaked!
Feb 23, 2012
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Photos of the new (we are guessing 2013) Volvo V40 hatch have been leaked on the World Wide Web. The relatively affordable V40 wagon was sacked in 2004 along with the arrival of the gen two S40 and the replacement V50. However, given the leaked photos we have here, this new V40 is possibly better suited to replace the C30 as it is getting old to the point where a refresh won’t cut it anymore (much like the XC90).

At the moment, if you want something with a hatch and that’s not up in the sky in terms of ride height, your only option is the all-wheel-drive XC70 (the sleek V70 was dropped almost two years back now). This leaves wagon/hatch-goers to rely on the small and impractical C30 coupe which only sports 4-passenger capacity and a very quirky hatch. The new V40 will solve all that, taking design cues from the new S60 and the XC60 and shortening it all up. From the looks of it, the new model will not be as big as the outgoing V50 or V40, but will sure be bigger than the C30 which it seems to be replacing.

As you can see from the photos, a glass roof seems to be an option alla Ford Mustang. More details when Volvo releases them. Fingers crossed that this sexy new hatch will even cross the seas to our shores.

[Source: Autoblog]

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