What do you think about the new BMW 320i?
Feb 21, 2012
Peter Johnson in 2012 BMW 320i, BMW, BMW 320i, F30 BMW

Now that the F30 generation BMW 3er is just about hitting dealerships, it’s time to look at how this generation stacks up to previous generations. There has been plenty of discussion about the 335i and 328i variants already so let’s focus on the 320i, a variation that will be sold in Canada but not in the U.S.

The last 320i to hit Canadian shores was in 2005 (E46 generation). A lot has happened in the last 7 years.

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Here’s a look at the fundamentals:

2005 320i
2012 320i

The newest 320i includes a host of other new features, such as driver and passenger knee airbags, dual zone automatic climate control and power driver and passenger seats. Not to mention that it’s larger, especially compared to the E46 320i.

The 320i used to be the runt of the 3er family. Do you think things will change with the new one?

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