Saskatchewan man uses R/C vehicles to excavate basement
Feb 15, 2012
Peter Johnson in Misc., R/C vehicles, Video, basement excavation, r/c construction equipment

Since 2002 a man by the name of Joe in Saskatchewan has used his fleet of R/C construction equipment to dig out the basement of his home. Sounds odd, I know. So let me explain. According to his post on scale4×, it all began in 2002 when a piece of the dirt wall in his basement caved in after some heavy rain.

Yada, yada, yada Joe now has a fleet of R/C vehicles digging and hauling the earth out of his increasingly larger basement.

Don't believe me? Check out the videos after the jump.

Also check out the 53 page thread about Joe's adventures on scale4× and Joe's aptly named "LilGiantsConstrCo" YouTube page.


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