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Chrysler shows a small and spunky vision of the future at the CIAS

The Canadian International Auto Show opens officially to the public today and the Chrysler Group will be showing something that we’ll be able to see (and that Chrysler hopes many of us will buy) in showrooms within a year’s time. That car is the Fiat 500.

This car, which many would say is a compelling competitor to the Mini Cooper, could do some great things for Chrysler Canada, and could help them to grow market share in a segment that they really have no strong presence in - the small premium city car.

Fiat has many years of practice honing and refining the small car in Europe, and their strengths in this market could make a big difference for Chrysler Canada dealers, one little car at a time.

"The Fiat 500 exemplifies the product strength that results from the combination of the Fiat and Chrysler alliance,” said Reid Bigland, president and CEO of Chrysler Canada. “Chrysler’s strength in the minivan, crossover, Jeep SUV and Ram truck segments, combined with Fiat’s global leadership in small and compact vehicles, creates the perfect fit."

One of the leading technologies that may give this car an edge is Fiat’s ‘Multi-Air’, or Fully Variable Valve Actuation (FVVA) technology. How? Well, here's some explanation of this technology from Chrysler’s media site (couldn't have said it better myself):

The 1.4-liter four-cylinder Fully Integrated Robitized Engine (FIRE) features four valves per cylinder and incorporates state-of-the-art technology for Fully Variable Valve Actuation (FVVA), also known as MultiAir. Multiair is a sophisticated technology that delivers an increase in power up to 10 percent and a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions up to 10 percent when compared to similar engines. A turbo version of the engine is also planned and will produce a fuel economy improvement up to 25 percent when to a V-6 engine with equivalent power.

The MultiAir system consists of electro-hydraulic variable valve actuators filled with conventional oil, which is interposed between the camshaft and each valve. A solenoid valve is energized every 360-degree camshaft rotation, regulating the quantity of oil addressed to the actuator or to a reservoir. The lift of the valve is a function of the quantity of oil addressed to the actuator, ranging from full lift to complete valve closure. Each solenoid valve may also delay application of the actuator in advance, leading to late valve opening or early valve closing.

Like the Mini Cooper, this car will also be available in a regular and high protein variant, the Abarth - which promises to be pretty cool. Anything Jeremy Clarkson calls a ‘mad little scamp’ must be good!

Those of you able to attend the show can get an eyeful in the Chrysler booth; more information on the Canadian International Auto show here.

Fiat 500 gallery here.


[Source: / Chrysler Group]

Reader Comments (2)

This is going to be badged as a Chrysler or Fiat?
Feb 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKevin
It'll remain badged as a Fiat, but it'll be in Chrysler showrooms by the end of 2010.
Feb 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMaymar

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